My name is derived from a Hebrew name meaning “Life” or “Living one.” I am a Living One, no longer spiritually asleep like I used to be, when fully embedded in the Matrix system. An idea for this platform came about during my spiritual awakening in 2016. I REAL-EYE-sed that I am a Divine Being and that I play part in a Divine plan. Just like each and every one of us does. I realised that our lives are Sacred. And that each has an assigned role to play in adding value to all Life. Nobody really told us about this. Majority of us identify with our programmed and traumatised mind while being completely oblivious to who we are on a deep spiritual level. That’s why we suffer.

What I came to learn was a lesson of all lessons. That which I am seeking in the world is right where I am. With no distractions, when I bring awareness into my body, release my suppressed emotions from the past, in Silence of my own Being, I’m right there. In the most Sacred place, I could ever imagine. The connection is getting deeper and deeper the more inner work I do and the more I get aligned with the Truth of my Being. I want you to KNOW that you are a Sacred Divine Being too. That you are Beautiful and Powerful. During this time of awakening, we are all invited to acknowledge our Divine Origins. It’s time to claim our King/Queendom and our Sovereignty back and do our best to shed our old serpent skin of who we think we are. By seeking Truth (our own and of the world) – the most important Value in seeking Freedom from bondage – we start to dismantle illusions and the veil of the world we’ve been born into that kept us in prison for such a long time. I am honoured to share this Journey with You.



Life can be a lot of struggle not knowing who You really are, operating only within the structures of your mind that were built and projected onto you since you were a little boy or a girl. My Life was not an easy one as for so many of us and I’ve been searching for ways to heal and help myself for the last many years. I felt very fractured, without a sense of self and too much of my Life depended on other people. While all along I just wanted to be free and express true colours of my Spirit. I was run by fear. 

Through my Life experience and study I came to learn a lot about the human mind, energy, metaphysics, esoteric work, emotional work/healing trauma, pathology in relationships (narcissism/codependency), importance of meditation/movement/nutritious food, healing PTSD, healthy use of medicine plants, hyper-dimensional interferences, finding Meaning & Purpose, importance of Inner Alignment, Truth and Self-Love…. all of these to connect & surrender to a Divine place within. 

As there were Conscious Beings that assisted me on my Path (and still do) when I was struggling & I felt lost, I want to assist you in getting yourself back and live your Life from a much more authentic and deeper place within You. Life of Freedom (to be who you came here to be), Sacredness, Fulfilment and Purpose. 



‘When I met Eva in October 2017, I was four months into my spiritual awakening. I was high as a kite, without any direction in life and my energy was completely ungrounded. Eva gave me guidance, information and helped me find stability. She is caring, very considerate, kind and deals with everything in a genuine and open-minded manner. Since we’ve been working together, she has opened me up to new ideas how to alleviate my inner turmoil and helped me to explore different aspects of myself. With an ongoing emotional work with her I found great stability, I feel a lot lighter and I have a beautiful outlook to my future. 

Eva is a genuine beautiful being who really cares and trusting comes easy. She always wants the best for you and is very happy to see you succeed. 
I would highly recommend her for any consultation or deeper work’

~ Dean Heath, UK ~



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Many, if not the majority of people in this society are not plugged into their source of energy within, while rather being plugged into […]


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