I’ve been on my path for the last 9 years, finding a way to help myself due to too much suffering. The path was long, but was definitely worth it coz I unlocked myself and dropped ,majority of shit I was walking around with

I had few – what we call – paranormal experiences that has got me connecting to what is real in me. Divine beauty is what we all are, while it’s being covered with layers and layers of conditioning and programming.

On this level of consciousness unfortunately I found for myself, we need another being to help us to transcend certain traumas, I believe higher up on a spiritual ladder, we are going to be able to do that ourselves. Let me be there for you as other beautiful beings were there witnessing my transformation

And majority of it was on a matrix level, how to be successful, make money etc..I always strived for truth and connection with Divine. All the rest was not good enough, the main component was always missing. Now I know what does it take to truly connect to your Soul/Sol/Central Sun. Inner work (decluttering of the mind/remove the veil together with your purpose, that is what you love and brings you joy)