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Narcissistic abuse counselling and recovery

Work with Eva: experienced Trauma Recovery Coach who uses a faster and more effective method for quicker healing from narcissistic abuse.

Enjoy the benefits of well-proven methods that facilitate healing from narcissistic abuse more effectively and start living a life with healthier relationships.

Who is Eva: Your Trauma Recovery Coach

Eva was born in Slovenia. Over 10 years ago she moved to the UK and she now resides in Margate, Kent.

For many years she studied and trained with best trauma coaches in Switzerland, USA, UK and Canada and attended various workshops worldwide to understand human condition and connection between mind, body and spirit. She is trained in Emotional healing, Spiritual counselling and Quantum healing.

Eva has been helping people heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse since 2018. She helped rebuild their sense of self, their inner peace and their love for who they are.

After going through a few tough narcissistic relationships, Eva started to research how to find a way to truly love and honour herself.

She soon found out that we were taught we need to please other people and put other people first. She realised that she was hurting herself by doing that, so she needed to go on a deep journey of self-reclamation & love and start putting her needs first.

Eva had to decide and commit to her own healing. Somewhere deep inside she knew that life can get really good and that she well deserves it.

You deserve to be truly loved, honoured, cherished and respected. It is all available to you. You just need to claim it by healing your deepest wounds.

Eva has created for you a space of honesty and truth, of deeply feeling your emotions & alchemising them into inner peace and love. Into your purpose & power. And your sense of self. You are welcome here.

A faster modality to heal from trauma

Many people who have suffered narcissistic abuse often ask themselves if it’s even possible to heal from it and wonder why they haven’t acknowledged the red flags in advance. Often they feel very stuck despite having a deep urge to move on from their past.

Today it’s possible to start healing narcissistic abuse with a therapy method specifically made for this issue that often brings great results in a few months. Results may vary according to the level of trauma. Your ability to heal depends also on your commitment to attend your weekly sessions and do any extra practices at home.

Live better in a shorter time than traditional therapy.

What are the benefits of this method?

From the first sessions onwards it’s possible to gradually start overcoming the issue from the roots which directly allows to:

Gain more awareness that can help to spot red flags early on and 

A consciousness expansion facilitates getting over the relationships that hurt in the past and experiencing healthier relationships.

All this also facilitates the rupture of previous bad patterns that were causing a sensation of stuckness. This can be done in a matter of months.

How does it work?

The method used by Eva is a combination of practises and modalities based on emotional therapy. As previously said it’s more effective simply because it relieves the painful feelings from past situations that emotionally hurt you.

How effective is it compared to traditional talking therapy (CBT, CAT…)?

This method usually requires between 8 to 20 sessions to recover from an emotional wound. Some patients who are used to the method have recovered even in less time.

Despite being very popular, traditional talking sessions are not as effective as emotional therapy simply because the distressing situation is not fully addressed and the emotional wound never gets relieved.

Is there any science behind this?

Yes, there are 35+ years of research in this field. The practices are well proven and similar modalities have been used as well by the NHS for their staff during the pandemic and have been used as well in the military. (1)

Two programs to work with narcissistic abuse

Eva has two specific programs made to heal narcissistic abuse and they include different types of 2-hour sessions in addition to healing modalities to do at home between appointments.

The basic 3-session program

This is made of a few sessions and it can be a good starting point to get used to the method and help to heal suppressed wounds. In this program, you can also shift some of your deeply held beliefs about yourself. It can be further extended.

The core 3-month program

This program has been specifically structured for maximum healing. The practice includes the combination of different modalities like Quantum Healing, Inner Child work, Parts work and Somatic processes. With deep inquiry, we access your emotional landscape. By feeling your emotions, you start to heal.

This work requires more commitment as you are going to have one weekly session with Eva and a daily practice to do at home by yourself. You are going to be fully supported by Eva by phone or by email during the week.

At the end of the period you can decide to extend to further sessions.

All sessions are online.

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Who is this for?

The 3-month program has been made in particular for everyone who wants to achieve much deeper healing. Bear in mind that this program requires a personal commitment which includes attending weekly sessions and doing daily practices at home which require a bit of time in the morning or in the evening.


3-session plan (1 session = 2 hours): £555

3-month core plan (12 sessions of 2 hours): £1000 per month

3 sessions

3 months or more

we work on present issues we map out your consciousness to start with
an activation into deeply meeting yourself deep healing weekly sessions
you get to taste this work and its benefits 2 people commit to your healing journey
no longer structure to your healing a structure to hold & guide you in your healing
we help free some of your suppressed pain strong energy field that allows us to go deeper
we shift some of your deeply held beliefs about yourself bigger shifts in consciousness
you get to know my work and see if it suits you access to me with full support
more affordable holistic coaching & accountability included
possible to extend to 3 months or more extra bonuses – my gift to your commitment
Why is it cost-effective at £1000 per month while traditional therapy costs just £70 per hour?

Often people enquire after years of other traditional methods which in the long run can be more expensive and are proven to be much less effective. Eva had a case of a man who enquired after spending nearly £70,000 over 20 years in talking therapy and he still had his issues unresolved from day one. Check the testimonials.

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Is it easy?

These modalities require you to go to the core of each occurrence and feel the emotions underneath until the emotional charge is relieved. This will require energy, that’s why it is recommended to schedule the sessions in moments of the week when you are rested.

Bear in mind that sometimes the session can extend over the usual 2 hours and sometimes you can be tired afterwards. You should speak with Eva in regards to the processes of each session.

Traditional therapy versus Eva’s trauma recovery approach
Therapy Eva’s sessions Traditional methods
work depth deep to the root cause very surface
length 3 months to 1 year 5-30 years
total cost £3000 to £10,000 according to
what is done
£17.000 – £102.000
(£3,400 a year)
efficacy high low
commitment for a shorter period weekly attendance for many years and decades
What happens after the last session of the first 3-month program?

Many clients decide to carry on with other programs to further expand their consciousness. Sometimes they take a break of a few weeks or months just to catch up with other things in their lives after 3 months of deep inner work. The longest-staying client worked with Eva for two years as he wanted to relieve the majority of his trauma and expand into a completely new way of being.

Important: Every one of us is different and it may take a different amount of time to heal according to many factors such as the depth of the trauma, consistency in the homework etc.

Is it safe?

This method is absolutely safe.

Does it include hypnosis?

NO, there is NO hypnosis involved and you are always in control of the situation.

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 An experience full of blessings
“Eva held me, supported me, guided me and facilitated the sessions. It has been a blessing to experience her and be guided by her presence in those traumatic moments. I could fully surrender and trust her blindly in those areas where I did not feel safe with anyone. I can blindly trust and recommend Eva for any trauma healing work.” ~ Fatima, Pakistan

◊  A light shining through the clouds
“Eva is a very knowledgeable and kind healer who has really helped me lighten the weight that I had been carrying around. I was shown respect and listened to with understanding and grace. She helped me find my inner courage, with her guidance and light.” ~ Alison, UK

◊  Eva is a powerful and loving healer
“I was able to express the emotions that were trapped inside me…such deep wounds of abandonment that also felt like being abandoned by God. Eva’s firm, but gentle guidance helped me to release all of those emotions and reconnect my relationship with God. I highly recommend Eva if you are looking for someone to skillfully, lovingly, and directly help you release the trauma of your past.” ~ Megan, US

◊  “The healing is impressive, session after session I was feeling lighter, more powerful and with a stronger intuition. After all this work I can clearly say that Eva was born to do this job, an absolute natural talent. I definitely recommend anyone to work with her.” ~ Armando, Italy

◊  “It’s incredible how much confidence I gained after the work done with Eva. I changed completely. This work let me access thousands of years of wisdom that were previously blocked by overthinking, fear and wrong beliefs. This work melts down all those fearful thoughts and blockages that prevented me from evolving and developing my full potential. This work opened the channel for attracting to my life what I really wanted to do and to be.  Things changed very quickly.” ~ Andrew, UK

◊  “The best financial investment you can do with your money is not crypto or gold. Sessions can really allow you to live in alignment with your purpose and create real abundance and happiness. This can allow you to improve the quality of your life more than with any monetary gain possible on this planet. There are therapists and then there is Eva.” ~ Mark, UK

There is a way out of all narcissistic abuse. It is done through an internal journey of deep healing from emotional, mental and spiritual abuse, to reclaim your personal sovereignty & power.