“Eva is amazing, she helped me a lot with my relationship issues. She got me unstuck after 8 years of relationship issues by working on loving myself and follow my own intuition rather than being trapped in wrong patterns. Definitelly recommend anyone working with her when stuck on something personal.”

~ Armando Salle, UK ~

“Eva is one of the seldom beautiful and powerful women who go for their passion and their dreams. Her shining personality is full of gentleness and warmth.

Although she had a painful past, she is a very heartfelt woman and always ready to help. Always striving to grow and to become the best version of herself, I was allowed to accompany her for a little while in this process and it was an amazing pleasure to work with her.When you meet her, you’re gonna have a real friend at your side.”

~ Marion Köhler, Switzerland ~

“When I met Eva in October 2017, I was four months into my spiritual awakening. I was high as a kite, without any direction in life and my energy was completely ungrounded. Eva gave me guidance, information and helped me find stability. She is caring, very considerate, kind and deals with everything in a genuine and open-minded manner. Since we’ve been working together, she has opened me up to new ideas how to alleviate my inner turmoil and helped me to explore different aspects of myself. With an ongoing emotional work with her I found great stability, I feel a lot lighter and I have a beautiful outlook to my future.

I feel very privileged to have met Eva and I’m truly blessed to have had the pleasure of working together. Eva is a genuine beautiful being who really cares and trusting comes easy. She always wants the best for you and is very happy to see you succeed. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I have not have met her.

I would highly recommend her for any consultation or deeper work.”

~ Dean Heath, UK ~

Dean’s full testimonial on this LINK.

“You beautiful woman… I was blessed beyond measure the day you walked into my life.”

~ Gabrielle Redelinghuys, South Africa ~

“As we started to peel those layers away and I started to become aware, that’s when things began to really change and I began to see much clearer what’s really happening and why I was doing what I was doing. Now I am in a happier place, I know myself better, and that’s what I always wanted to do. To elevate myself into a higher level of consciousness and that’s what Eva has helped me to do.”

~ Dimitri, London UK ~

Dimitri’s full testimonial on the LINK.