The energy of the Universe is of creative nature. We are Creators. We are a part of a Creation.
The energy that is running our vessel is of creative nature. Sex. Is the driving force of nature. Sexual energy is the most creatively potent energy there is. 

Some years ago I had a truly special intimate experience with my partner. During our slow lovemaking, having no goal of what needs to happen, me fully opening my being to the heart of the universe, my state of consciousness changed to the extent where I entered a world that was immensely ecstatic and very new to me. Due to pleasure and spiritual transcendence of what was happening on a body level, I entered a world of pulsation. As if I was on a medicine plant journey, I was taken to a world of intense colours, vibrating energy of everything in existence. My breathing was in sync with a pulsation of the Universe. Trees were breathing, inhaling and exhaling, the grass was pulsating, birds connecting, animals procreating, there was a close-up of bees and other insects making love to beautiful flower blossoms, I’ve seen it in every detail, everything felt excited and ecstatic! Everything in nature was having sex!!! I’ve tapped into pulsating & vibrating sexual creative energy that exists underneath the form. Filled with Bliss. Pleasure. Deep Connection. And so much Love. I was in awe…

“Spanda is a pulsation of the ecstasy of the Divine Consciousness.” ~ Abinahavagupta 

This word forms an important part of Kashmir Shaivism philosophy, which believes that the Ultimate Reality throbs with spanda at all times.

For us to be in alignment with our true nature, we need to create. That can mean procreate or channel that energy to create new worlds, universes or things into existence. From this point on I will talk about the latter. 

Creating makes us feel good and fulfilled. Creating makes us feel alive. We have a sense of accomplishment. A sense of purpose. 

I dare to say that we are swimming in addictive tendencies as a society due to being disconnected from our creative nature. We stopped creating due to being programmed to consume, which made us parasitic. We started to consume more than create and this was our downfall. 

Consuming (too much) food, consuming material possessions, consuming TV programs and online content, even consuming other people as an energy source… Passive. Waiting. Consuming. We became hungry ghosts without any inner richness of Life or depth of the Soul. We were kind of robbed of that by disconnecting from our natural creative energy. We started to become addictive and started to consume alcohol, drugs, porn, love of other people, Youtube videos, work, things from all sorts of shops etc. …can someone just give me something to fulfil the void I feel in my Soul!? 
We have it all backwards. This world convinced you that you need to consume more and more and that by doing that you will become happier and happier. This is an utter lie. 

The equation goes: 

The more you create and contribute, the more your True energy is coming through. The more alive and energetic you feel. In time, fear and resistance have a less of an effect on you. Creativity heals. The more you create, the free-er you become. The more you create, the more responsible you become in a sense of contributing for the benefit to all creation. The more you create, the happier and more joyful you become. More blissful. More ecstatic. Spanda lives in you. Is a part of you. It infuses you. You need to become subtle and aware of the creative and pulsating waters deep within you.

On the contrary, being a parasite, you don’t contribute to existence (coz you only take), you don’t create, you don’t have much responsibility for yourself or others. You are deeply asleep, within structures of your mind. 

Majority of people in our society are in a passive hypnotic sleep – being parasitical. 3D Matrix programmed us to go against our true nature. Many people are on a receiving end. They wait for the society or government or any other authority to give them, tell them, convey them ‘the truth’ of this world and how to be, what to expect. People don’t trust themselves, don’t believe in themselves, don’t know there is an untapped creative potential right where they are. This makes people sick and disconnected.

The only way back to our creative nature is to start to create, to offer yourself to others in various ways, to become responsible for yourself, your life and start contributing to the benefit of All. 

I know a man who after divorce started to build himself a natural home. With no previous knowledge. With his bare hands. It took him three years to figure it out and finish it. By the end of the process, he was a different man. The process of creating has healed and transformed him into a less selfish man, more loving and humble. His ego was bruised along the way. And after this process, he realised that building natural homes for people is his purpose. Through creating and putting his pain into creative work, he found his joy, peace, purpose and at the end also, love. He gave way to creative energies inside of him and due to that became a better man.