Feeling my own body more and more, all the way down to the pelvic floor, I feel a lot of pain and sorrow. I see that after awakening, all wants to be fully experienced and felt, all suppressed emotions are surfacing and it’s an on-going journey of shedding old programming and trauma. Doing the inner work and sitting with what’s emerging can be a tough ride. A Path towards Divine within is long and all the layers of an onion need to be dealt with, felt and processed. 

Since a few months ago it was shown to me, that the pain I am feeling is not just my own. That while becoming more and more sensitive, I am tapping into ancestral pain and sorrow of my mothers, my grandmothers, aunts and all female ancestral line for many many generations back, that were emotionally, physically, sexually and mentally abused for thousands of years. I can feel it all. It’s immense. It’s so immense… an oppression, having no voice, being a sex object to produce offspring, no true expression of the soul, suppressed cries & craze, no-one to talk to, abortion, nowhere to heal, no nurture, full submission, rape, giving power away, on a death bed not knowing who you were at your core…..matrix… operating on a mechanic mind level, behave in a way appropriate, matrix programme, natural expression hijacked… so much Divinity lost, so many songs unsung so many gifts not shared, so much Life not lived. 

And then I am tapping into the feminine that was cut off in men, feminine that was suppressed, mistreated and mostly completely cut off. Men not allowed to feel, to cry, to share their Divine self, coz need to be a provider and in control, you are the patriarch of the family, not present emotionally, you play your role, so much anger and life repressed, there needs to be an outlet, so you become narcissistic, oppressive, abusive…. again, operatics of the mind, structures of the mind hijacked the Divine within. 

When I tap into all of this, I feel the presence of millions of souls that were suffering and were not able to express their true Divine nature, had their Feminine completely shut off, no balance between both, Masculine and Feminine. Both out of kilter. Toxic. Not integrated. Due to not knowing the truth. That they are Divine beings and something truly beautiful lies underneath the mental chatter. They are all here with us. Witnessing the end days. A Universal dance between the Dark and the Light. Supporting us all. To feel their pain and sorrow and transmute it all to Life and Beauty. And the true frequency of Love. To shed their old serpent skin too. To finally give Life to Divine force within us. It is being birthed through all of us. And it is Beautiful. And Powerful. And Immense too. 

I weep due to the immensity of pain and sorrow I feel in my body in connection to my own and generational trauma. It feels different than when working through my own stuff. I feel I get energetically opened, tapped into the Universe, when these ancestral revelations happen. When I transmute some of their trauma, I feel what an honour it is, to feel all of this. First, it is scary due to the immensity of it, it feels like a never-ending ocean of suffering you tap into. But then, I see beauty in me being able to feel all of this. That it has been revealed to me in such a profound way. And what an honour that is. 

To feel all these souls and help our ancestors heal as well. We are all so very connected. With or without a form. This is also us in many previous lifetimes. Silenced. Hanged. Cursed. Beheaded. Subjugated. Killed. Raped. Tapping into energetical state and truth of this world. Dark age. There is an archon virus that runs through the mind of all of us and is suppressing Divinity in all of us as we speak. Eternal Life? You already have it. Immortality? Yes, it is granted indeed. Get to know yourself. The truth of your Being. You are not your body, while for you to connect to your inner power and Divinity, it happens only through the body. Such a paradox, I know. No bypassing. Do not buy into Silicon Valley and what they have to offer. It is archonic. Your consciousness doesn’t need to be uploaded to the machine to be faster and powerful. I know you might still want power. Let that illusion go. It’s a trap. You already have what they offer. A sacred access to Divine within. Infinite Consciousness. From here you can access all the information on all there is, has been and ever will be. Their lies your true Power, a Divine one. Frequency of Love that is the most powerful force in the Universe. TRUST that. You KNOW it is true. You KNOW. Please REMEMBER. It’s all you ever wanted. Don’t give it away. Connect to YOU. To your BODY. Start to FEEL. 

It will take a while to go through the dark forest of programming and healing trauma, you will feel in between you are completely lost and confused and you’ll be asking yourself, when is this going to end? But you need to keep going. You need to keep going. And TRUST. Trust that your path towards inner kingdom will be rewarded. You will go off path sometimes and that’s ok. It is part of the Journey. Learning how to TRUST yourself. You fall, pick yourself up again, course correct. And keep going. Keep that torch within alive. Patience. Silent prayers. Surender. Truth. Keep going. You are not alone. We are doing this together. 

Inner work is so important during this process. Only inner work – healing can help, so you dismantle the Matrix within and free yourself. And truly connect to Divine within. 

We are slowly moving through the Dark age, while lights are switching on. Let the Divine Beauty truly starts to Shine. We are holding the torch of Life and Divinity together. 

Feel, my dear. Start to Feel again. Feel your self, your body, your everything. 

Disconnection from the body doesn’t allow you to truly understand your Divine Origins and your true nature. Disconnection doesn’t allow you to heal. Disconnection doesn’t allow you to know where do you come from and who you came here to be. Disconnected you give power to illusions of your own mind and of this world. 

There is a new world wanting to be birthed through you. Clear the path, clear the vessel, give it way. Let all these Beautiful Creations that you knew as a child, come alive again. 

Connect. Feel. Integrate.