There are many layers back to our Sovereignty. We need to get disillusioned layer by layer, to finally get to innerstand, that what we have been looking for in the external, is already WITHIN. Life is teaching me this lesson over and over again. And if I know anything about Life and what we are doing here, is to learn how to love ourselves intimately and ultimately surrender to LOVE that we are at our CORE. That is how we become LIFE itself, without blockages of fear, doubt, ‘not good enough-ness’, ‘who am I-ness’, distrust and what will other creations think of me when I step out and show my true colours. Flowers that bloom outside in the garden and birds outside singing every morning, don’t question their own existence and whether it has any value. They just are the way they were designed. Simple. Beautiful. Sincere… They don’t know any other way.

We were interfered with, that’s why it takes so long for us to get to know our true nature. Our Energetics. Our way back to FEELING. Our True Heart. We’ve been exposed to different types of trauma for such a long time, that we created an alien entity within us, our ego – energetic armouring/pain body, to not get hurt any further.

That is why so many people suffer coz they are out of alignment with what is true within. This hurts. It hurts a lot. Living a pretence all your life hurts massively. And on a deathbed to have realised you didn’t even express yourself truthfully, never followed and lived what you aspired to and dreamed of possible, never truly loved another person coz you were disconnected from yourself and were not able to do it honestly and intimately….this is a final regret that millions of people had and have to go through due to predatorial programming, imprinting us with beliefs that we are slaves and savages and that wars, hunger and exploitation of all sorts are normal in this world and killing on our television is something we eat lunch at and it doesn’t move us anymore because we became so desensitized. Trauma became so huge, we need to self-protect.

God gave us this Life to live it as we genuinely were created and to express the Divine Blueprint that lies dormant within us beyond the programmed mind and loops of trauma. Integration and Embodiment help us to re-member again. To bring all the members and parts of ourselves together again, into the whole assembly. Into wholeness. And become HOLY. That’s how we get to innerstand what are deeper energetics of our Being and what wants to be expressed through us. Remembrance goes beyond this life alone, we’ve been here before.

We’ve been used and exploited to play a game of an adversary. The game has been rigged a long time ago. We are not satan’s followers and executors of his agenda on this planet. Well, we are until we wake up! This kind of world IS NOT ours. It never was. We are here to build a NEW WORLD that will be born through our surrendering to our true nature, in deep connection and devotion to our INNER KINGDOM AND GOD.

We are here to open up and tap into the TRUTH THAT LIES WITHIN – our DIVINE BLUEPRINT. THE KINGDOM OF GOD within is a place where we all connect to each other, to God and where we tap into similar ideas and values that we want to see in the world. We are not so different as we think. This world made us alien to each other due to separation and division based on the colour of our skin, religion, nationality, gender… due to all the programming which keeps us trapped in the illusion. Deep down we are yearning for a better world, with values and expression of Beauty and Love, a world where we celebrate ourselves and each other and where we are free to be as God created us to be. Unique and Sovereign. Like a Flower. And a Bird.

It is time we claim everything we’ve lost during a long time of forgetting and giving power to so called authorities and adversary forces. We need to resist spreading of their enslavement, fear and inducing trauma upon all of us. That house of cards will soon fall apart. But we need to be strong. And say NO. And through our inner connection to GOD and remembrance, we can rise again as KINGS and QUEENS. Because that’s who we are, the Kingdom is ours, it always was, we were just so suppressed and dumbed down, that we forgot about it.

It is time to Rise, Dear Being. Get to KNOW your TRUE INNER KINGDOM. YOU KNOW the world you feel and imagine within possible is GLORIOUS! It is time we bring it into this reality.

While this world of lies, deceit, manipulation, control, abuse of power, predatorial behaviour, war, disease, exploitation…. is being exposed, now almost to its core and seen by many, for what it is – an illusion we give power to, we NEED TO REMEMBER, that new answers how to proceed, lie WITHIN.


~ Eva Tashi ~