We live in a world where a majority of the population is disconnected from God within and operates on a superficial level of mental coping strategies to get our needs met and somewhat go through this journey we call Life. Unfortunately, this disconnect doesn’t aid us with fulfilment, inner peace, true joy and meaning, quite the opposite, we never get to know who we really are at the deepest and we go through life in a maze of demands and expectations of others. This is a true disconnect from the Spirit and God within. It calls for a miserable existence. Never to know who we are and having superficial relationships with others is not to know our kingdom of God within. We are never truly there with ourselves or with the other. Meaning, relationships in this state operate from mental coping mechanisms rather than true heart connection and authenticity.

Mental coping strategies keep us in codependent relationships where we are connecting to the energy of others rather than our own Source, sacrificing our truth to please others due to a deep sense of shame and fear of rejection and abandonment. Underneath the majority of our relationships is an abandonment trauma where we disconnect from our truth to sustain abusive or non-abusive relationships in our life. We please others more than we honour our connection to God/truth. This fear of being abandoned, rejected, shamed, not feeling good enough, wronged for being true, keeps all sorts of mental strategies in place, like being a people pleaser, being a victim, being a narcissist, being afraid to fully express ourselves, having fear of being truly seen, addiction to evade and sabotage self, feelings of not being good enough or flawed, perfectionism addiction, need for external validation and security and so on. All these create codependent relationships due to disconnection to God and your true self. This is a pervading addiction in society, while not many people talk about it. It’s at the core of our being and needs to be healed if we want to claim our divinity and freedom back and come to our power.

While we could also choose and experience something completely different. Life is inviting us, sometimes also forcing, to do so. To bring awareness to where we are lacking true connection to the Source and live from a different place within. Not from mental structures that helped us to survive, but from deeper inner places where a river of Life can be accessed. That one nourishes us, loves us, takes care of us…it is us. From this place our existence is a rich experience of Life, filled with expansion, joy, true connection within and without, purpose, wisdom…we are connected to our inner compass, trusting our emotional guidance to reveal our next step to us.

For us to get to the richness and abundance and joys of Life we need to heal. There is no other way. Due to the low level of consciousness of humanity at present moment, just about coming out of a dark age, we need to look into our disconnect, to our attachment trauma where we evade ourselves and our Soul. We need to feel all deeply held emotions in our nervous system such as deep-rooted shame about who we are, guilt, face loneliness to know that we are never alone, face fears of rejection and abandonment and fear of being truly seen etc. The society we live in tells us we are never good enough just as we are, we need to be graded in school to see how good we really are, we are nothing without a certificate, we cannot heal ourselves, we need aertificial intelligence to be immortal, use this cream to be younger, wear this garment to be more beautiful and seductive, buy that car so you feel more confident…it is all artificial and it’s all taking us away from our Divinity. Don’t buy into such messages of the world, don’t give them any power and know that you are enough. Just as you are. Know that underneath this programme and trauma we received since we were little, lies something so profoundly beautiful that is beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. Nothing outside of you can give you what you already have within. Find a way to that place, face everything that’s in the way and your inner kingdom will be revealed to you in all its colours, beauty and glory. You will get to know you are a Divine Being, a Child of God and that this world has been lying to you since the beginning. We trusted this world more than ourselves and how we feel. We suppressed our perceptions, insights, visions, feelings, deeper knowing about harmony and unity as our natural way of existence, for the sake of fitting in. Fitting into the world that doesn’t serve us, support us, wishes us well…to fit into the madness we call a society that perceives wars, child abuse and trafficking as something normal. We have a lot to learn about ourselves, who we are, why don’t we act against evils of this world and why we support an ongoing abuse in all aspects of our life, how come we are so desensitised that we take mistreatment of humans and animals and planet itself as something normal and there is an ocean of people looking at this not feeling nothing, being further mesmerised by entertainment, booze, money and all other distractions. All sorts of addictions that pervade this planet show us exactly where we are. For the pain that is so present in this world, we need to evade, it’s too much to face, not just what’s happening outside of us, but the terrors within that we cannot make peace with. The outside world is at the end only a reflection of our internals. Let’s go and feel our shame, terror, madness, bewilderment inside…let’s really start feeling ourselves, this is the only way back to Life that deep down we know of. There is pure universal energy that runs through us and it cannot run freely if our meridians of the nervous system are clogged by past trauma, by things we were not able to feel in the past, coz it was not safe. Emotions are energy in motion. They need to run freely through our system. If shut down and repressed, they wreak havoc within and one will never be free without bringing awareness to them and processing them. Only then the natural flow of Life can flow through us, our emotional guidance system will start to work properly, our soul GPS will be intact and we will be deeply connected to the kingdom within, in full alignment with the Universe and who we came here to be. We came here to be Sovereign. And true. And to get to know our Divine roots. Or better, remember. To be connected to the true self/God within and not be manipulated by external authorities (coz that’s exactly what is happening, we are being controlled and manipulated on a global scale due to inner disconnect) and to live life from our inner authority – a truly free spirit that is not attached anymore to 3D man-made world due to disillusionment, fully surrendered to divine guidance, bringing heaven on earth with committing to its mission.

Love yourself, dear human, know there is a way out. It’s important you stop being distracted by worldly Maya and start to feel yourself. This is the way to your full activation as a Divine Being, for you to claim your Sovereignty, Power and Freedom back. 

Face yourself, face how you feel, face God within, it’s been calling you for a long time.

With deep gratitude that I came to learn this through Inner work and Grace.
The Sacredness of Life lies within. Yes, it does.