Dear Sacred Being,

I am coming forth with what I came to learn about myself and this world in the past few years. Divine intervention came to wake me up to a new reality, an experience that was utterly messy and uncomfortable made me realise many things, some quite hard to swallow and I want to share it all with you. Many beings are going through the same experience as we speak. Grand awakening of humanity is coming in huge waves and many of us are being awakened and transformed. The Path in Life needs changing, old Life needs to go, ego needs to give way to the new Master of our ship, our Divine Spirit while we are being invited to bring forth our True Colours.

The waters during transitioning may be unsettling, at times overwhelming, one gets easily lost in traps along the way, waters might consume you every now and then, feeling you are going back to where you started this new journey, while then just as well if your guiding light is the Truth, you get out of heavy waters into a space of deep calm and clarity and sunshine again. And it may take years for this ship to safely traverse the dangerous and wild waters back to it’s home – where stability, inner peace and joy become regular companions. Spiritual awakening it is something I never thought will happen to me. It was out of my control which was frightening as I didn’t know what was going on with me. It happened to me, I would say, with Divine intervention. Maybe the fuel for its manifestation was also my Soul deeply yearning for its expression. Overall, I am glad it happened. It was a big Gift I need to treasure and keep safe while I’m going through my transition as there are many obstacles along the way.

Making the right choices on a daily basis, from bigger to smaller, to stay on the Path of our newly emerging Spirit, is utterly important. Coz it’s in those small choices we make where we allow goodness or evil to come into our lives. As we are ascending as Spiritual Beings, or better, remembering who we really are, the good and truthful path is a must. It’s time to shed our old skin and bring through our so long-awaited Divinity. The world needs it, You need it. I need it. Coz we all completely forgot about our Divine Origins. Welcome to a time of remembrance of who we truly are. We existed in the Matrix for so long, it might take a while to recognise what’s lying underneath the chatter of the mind, underneath the conditioned and programmed mind. It was all done deliberately to us. We became slaves to other forces that exist behind the veil of this world. These forces are against Life, against Divine Light, in short, against the Truth of who we are at our Core. They work through manipulation, deceit, control, lies, separation, division, fear…mainly they work through our own weaknesses, through parts that we disowned and didn’t love and heal yet, through all the gaps and places within where we don’t fully own the true nature of us which is Divine Presence or Love. That’s why it’s so important to keep your Mind/Body/Spirit clean of all toxicity, Self-Love is crucial.

I came to see that we are not on top of the food chain & in accordance with an esoteric principle ‘As Above, so below’, it all makes sense. We are killing other species for our food and so is the species above us killing us and feeding on our low-frequency energy of struggle and suffering. The Movie The Matrix explains it all too well, I wonder where did the idea come about in the first place. What’s presented in that documentary I would say, is what I’ve seen during my awakening. This world is not ours. It came to exist to keep us trapped and asleep to our own nature. Once you are able to see beyond the Matrix, you will never be able to go back. With this new perception, things that are happening on the planet make real sense for me. Before I couldn’t connect the dots of why the world is as it is. Why generations of people are being born and die while the agenda keeps on going, governments keep on working against well-being & harmony of humanity. Nothing ever gets resolved. It all makes sense now why the majority of our ancestors witnessed wars, scarcity and overall suppression of the Spirit. Darkness was covering the land for so long that the Light was almost lost. Now torches are lighting up on all continents of this Beautiful Planet. We indeed live in extremely interesting times where the Truth of this world is oozing out from all pores and people are waking up to their Power and Beauty. Seeing through the programme, seeing through the veil. The old ways are partly collapsing, partly new bondages are being presented to us, like 5G and artificial intelligence. We surely are coming out of the Dark ages and the new reality already started to emerge due to awakened and transformed humans with an awareness of their Infinite Potential, bringing new ideas, Love and compassion, Truth and Freedom forth to create a New Earth. While the spiritual warfare is still ongoing, within ourselves (which master to obey) and without. We all have been waiting for this for so long and each individual plays its vital role. Each and every one of us matter in this Divine plan. It’s time for you and me to come out of our shells and add our piece of the puzzle to this Human Organism we are all a part of. We need to bring Truth of what’s going on and not comply with a system that doesn’t have our interest at heart. They can’t as they don’t have a heart.

Us believing in the Matrix system, the reality that was presented to us since we were little, since we opened our eyes, keeps this trap alive. I see a great need for us to truly understand who we are and where do we come from. To truly own our Divine Origins and to really KNOW that we have a Divine Blueprint within that is there to be awakened and activated, to give us codes to shift ourselves and the world. We have the Blueprint of Heaven on Earth within us. It lies under the layers of conditioning, programme and underneath trauma. Exactly these things keep us in the Matrix, they work as hooks in our own mind. The Inner Work here is crucial. KNOW that we were made for living in Harmony, Peace, Beauty, Prosperity, in Freedom to express our Divinity, in deep Connection with ourselves, each other & Mother Earth, Celebrating Life in Joy! This is our REAL Truth & this one needs to be remembered, protected and lived.

Don’t be discouraged, seek what’s real & connect deeper and deeper with your Divine Essence, although there might be other forces playing us out for some time, forces within (ego) and without (hyper-dimensional interferences). All these forces are there to propel us further on the Path, so don’t give into them. Be aware of them, while keeping yourself anchored in your Divine Centre. Don’t waste energy to look for yourself out there, all the Power and Truth is right where you are. Hang on and walk your Path in Truth. Do the work to deprogramme and heal, so you have a deep connection to Your Kingdom within where you strongly reside and are less and less swayed by opposing forces. There is your home, there lies your Essence filled with Love, the most powerful force in the Universe. Know who you are. Own who you are. You are Sacred. Bring your awareness within & Pay Attention to what’s trying to come through you. Allow Life to be expressed through you. Allow your Spirit to come forth in all its Colours & Beauty.

You are not alone. We walk this path of ascension/remembrance together.
I am grateful to share this journey with You.

Sacredness Of Life lies Within,