Incarnation (Latin incarno – “to make into flesh”)

Being born into the world of what seems at the beginning, a world of compromise, limited options and far too many rules, it’s quite traumatic for a free Spirit to get incarnated on this plane. From Knowing your Essence and your Origins on a higher plane, being incarnated into the prison world, the world of Matrix, it’s an abrupt and traumatic experience.

The world of duality, the world of time limitation (death), the world that was made to keep this Spirit asleep and oblivious to its own beauty and magnificence. The world where logic is king, the world that believes that all creation is made of a solid matter, the world where things are fixed and better not change, the world where dreams are forgotten, the world where this Spirit is being funnelled through various institutions to completely forget about her peaceful, curious and loving nature.

The world that makes this Spirit fractured to experience herself not as One, but as multi-facets of herself, not ever to know how does it feel to be whole and in touch with Divine within. Her manifestations in the world of illusion are mirroring her back her inner world and what she is missing about herself. A world where she is used for the machine to provide low-frequency energy for beings that made this Earthly entrapment in the first place.

From an all-knowing state then for this Spirit to have an inferiority complex due to not knowing everything that the Matrix system wants her to know, that useless and usually wrong information we are being fed with, make her think she is not enough. And she shrinks.

Thinking and analysing everything and forgetting how to use bodily intelligence, how do people and things feel, using intuitive guidance is not favourable on this plane. And she shrinks some more.

Disconnection from own body, disconnection from own Spirit, feminine and masculine aspect of this Spirit are completely out of balance, disconnection from the body is a lousy existence…where else am I missing myself? And she shrinks some more…and more…. on top of all this, being dissociated is a natural state, not knowing God is a natural state over here. And she shrinks as there is no place for this Spirit in this stale, suffocating, lonely world that was made for her. And her Spirit goes to sleep, there is no room for it on this plane.

Oblivion ( Latin oblīviō – “forgetfulness”)

The world where many believe in dying. That’s a hard one to swallow. Me, dying? If so many believe in it, it must surely be true. And slowly this Spirit starts to adjust, deny its truth, starts to adapt to the environment, loses its sovereignty, she wants to fit into the structure as it feels somehow better, not so alone, it feels good to belong. It seems she surrendered to a state of deep sleep and oblivion. She surrendered to a state of being a slave to this world, operating only on a surface level, the mask is properly being put on. And when she ‘dies’, her Spirit will be recycled back to the machine. Where everyone operates from a state of illusory appearance. She needs to Ascend to her natural heavens and remember….remember!!!

She feels she is flawed. She shouldn’t be here. This is not my world. And it surely isn’t. It is better if I die. Just disappear. To live a normal life in this world of appearances seems meaningless. And it surely is. Coz she is not there. Coz she forgot who she was. Who she is. At her core.

Not much room for true love, true connection, amazing creations and abilities of the Spirit to live up to her potential. People being asleep, just operating on a superficial mundane level seems to suffice. While fortunately, this is illusory too.

There is Life

There is Life underneath this collective sleep. And this Life wants to be lived & expressed in various new ways, through all these sleeping beauties. Wake up!! Hey, wake up!! We can live, you know! We can have fun, you know!!

Spirit is asking herself, there’s something off, why don’t we celebrate our lives and uniqueness of each and every one of us, of our Divinity, where the heck is Life, and I want music and singing and dancing and the colours! It was supposed to be musical, as Alan Watts said!! Where are the laughter and joy and harmonious coexistence of all tribes on this planet. What’s going on!? What happened to us that we became so weakened and disconnected from our true nature!? What happened to god? Did s/he go to sleep too?

Spiritual Awakening & Remembrance

It’s Dark here…there must be a way out of here….there must be a way out…….I Know there is a way out….Let me Light a candle…

There’s a sprout of Life slowly emerging in different pockets of the world. Lighthouses are carefully turning on their light. Slowly…one after another…hey, you! Wake up! Yes, you! Enough of sleeping and compromising and slaving your life away!

We are Divine Beings, you know!! We can come up with a new game that will serve us all! What do you mean, just like that?… Yeah, just like that!! We can do that, you know!!

There is another way, you know!! Is there? Yes, it surely is….Let me tell you about it, so you can then tell other Spirits about it so that they turn on their Light and beam like the Sun as well! It’s all happening by switching on your inner Sun! By activating Your Divine Spark within. How do you do that? With releasing everything that is not yours! To allow for everything false to fall away. Everything within and without that is weighing you down, let it all go. Your feelings and beliefs about you that were imposed on you, the pain that was inflicted by others, feel it and let it all forever go. Everything that this world had imposed on you so that you forget about Your inner King/Queendom. Let it go. It is your birthright to be Spiritually free. No other entity has the right to rule over you. You need to claim your Sovereignty by getting to know who you are.


… Though I need to start where it all began.

You used to be free and all-knowing Spirit and you came here from high heavens some aeons ago. It’s not your first time you are here. You came to this plane already many times before. This game is about you going from being oblivious to your true nature, to slowly remembering about your Origins. Only if you are willing to. You are going to climb up the Spiritual Ladder in a process called Ascension. Actually, its more like a spiral ladder upwards where bit by bit you are removing inner and outer limitations and obstacles that are blocking your access to your own inner Sun, your Spirit. It’s a journey of remembrance of what you forgot about Yourself and where do you come from. The programming on this plane and the funnelling part that took a big chunk of your life away were designed for you to fit into the system that was made for you to become completely oblivious to your True Divine nature. Every facet of the game is intelligently planned and pre-planned to deceive you, distract you and take you further away from your inner Kingdom. Traps on the path are many. Inner parts of you that you disowned at the early age of your incarnation, are playing a charade in the external world. They are here only to remind you of what needs to be loved and embraced within you so that you come closer to your Home within.

That’s why You and I need to wake up and bring awareness to different parts of our lives, to our inner world and get to know the truth of this world. Did you ever question this world and what’s going on behind the veil? Is it really possible that all we perceive with 5 senses is all there is? Why did my cat chase things I was not able to see? Indeed, different beings having different ranges of perception. Therefore, there must be more that is invisible to our eye….and our ear….and our other senses. There is a lot more happening in the invisible realm that you might think of.

I know now there is spiritual warfare going on between good and evil underneath all of the Creation. When you will get to truly know who you are, and truly embody your Spirit, when you will feel things more (feel energies of people and other beings, feel your environment) and when you will fully trust what you feel, that’s when you will be strongly walking your Divine Path and stop feeding the evil machine. You will start tapping into the secrets of the Universe. The more that you explore the Universe within, the more you will get to know and understand about the Universe out there. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Get to Know who You are

Let me tell you a secret of how to help yourself to Ascend. Start questioning everything in this world, firstly, question yourself and Life you are living. Is it aligned with your Highest Truth, with what you know you should be doing and how your life was supposed to be that you know somewhere deep down? Stop lying to yourself and get real with what’s going on. Is this how you were supposed to be, are you living up to your potential, using your talents & gifts? Are you sharing your Truth with other fellow travellers? Stop looking for yourself out there through different ways of escapism, different addictions and excuses and ‘I can’ts’. Let go of struggle, abuse, negativity, addictions, drama and everything heavy within and without, so your Spirit can climb the ladder.

What if I tell you, your great Life is right there, waiting for you to recognise who you really are and to finally anchor yourself into something that is real. That is your Spirit. Anchoring in the external world becomes unsustainable, as it is transient and things, people, situations come and go. Everything that you love more than yourself, will be taken away from you. All the painful experiences you are going through are designed by Life to direct you back into your Inner Sanctum. That’s where you were supposed to reside in the first place. That is the only safe & loving space there is. And it’s right where you are. Inside of You.

Become Sensitive again through Feeling Yourself

Heal from your traumatic past through feeling all the pain (things that were imposed on you since you entered this plane/and truly understand none of it was your fault). Bring awareness to your own programming, so that you can see through the illusion of this world. That’s how you will stop getting lost in it and stop giving it power. You will get to know that the power was right from the beginning, right where you are. Yes, In You.

Inner force is here to be fully awakened. The only way out is through your Inner Kingdom, that’s when you will truly connect to your body and your senses, to your intuitive guidance & Inner wisdom and you will start to feel yourself again and everything around you. That’s when you will start trusting Life again by trusting You and become an innocent and playful child again. You will start to Create again, just coz you can, coz the energy that is pulsing through all of your Being is of Creative nature. That’s when you will start to Love yourself again. You will remember who you are again. You will start dancing with your Spirit again, just as it was supposed to be from the beginning. You will know your worth, you will take your Dignity back and finally show your True Colours and all beautiful facets of yourself to the world. You will do this for You. Coz your Spirit deserves to be fully expressed and lived so that your life has a meaning and you will have no regrets. And the Divine force will back you up all the way. Coz in a Divine plan is written that you came here to Shine. And Shine you will…

Surrender To Love 

Love Yourself, dear Sacred Being. Yes, we got caught into a limitation of being human. We are human on so many levels, while there is more to us, we are of the Spirit. Of a Divine One. And Spirit is invincible and impenetrable. And it belongs to god. You are having it here so Divine can work through you if only you allow it. If you surrender to this Divine force, it will feed you, renew you, guide you, stretch you up to your full potential. The journey might not be easy, while all the way worthwhile and truly fulfilling. We all have different lessons to learn.

So, Dear Divine Being, there is a way out. The way out is via your Inner Kingdom. Now it’s time to change the title of this story from ‘Love thyself’ to ‘Connect to the Love that you already are’.  Remove all the obstacles, all the darkness, all the clouds that are blocking the Sun that you are at your core. Do the work, put your effort into claiming your Kingdom back. You need it for yourself to live a meaningful and expansive Life. And I need you too, together with the rest of the world, for you to show who You are behind that mask that you are wearing.

Remember, you were not designed to live in this kind of world. You Know Peace and you know Beauty. You know Love and Compassion, it’s your pure Essence. You know Wisdom and you know Care for other beings and the planet itself. There is a Blueprint in you that calls for a new and better, happier and more peaceful Life. Connect to that place within, lean into the Truth at your core…