Project Description

This is a 4 hour session with me, in person or over Skype. Depending on what you need at the moment we can either:

 ~ do a deep emotional healing work (integration), look at deeper aspects of yourself and what are you ready to face and embrace within you next. You will need courage to go to places within you that hurt and be willing to feel what was suppressed in the past. I will hold dear space for you, to surrender to your pain and come out of the session relieved, happier and more peaceful, knowing you had done a great work on your path back to wholeness.

 ~ or I can coach you while we look at different aspects of your life, mainly it’s going to be about your relationship with yourself and the way you live your life. In this session I am going to ask you good questions, guide you through few exercises to assist you in acknowledging where you are and what’s the truth of where you want to be. We are going to look at obstacles on your path and what changes need to made for you to come to the highest alignment with who you came here to be. We are going to talk spiritual practice, connecting to self, desires, vision, purpose, letting go what no longer serves, truth etc. You will be left with practical things to act upon. This is for people who are good with taking action to move forward.