Throughout my Lifetime, I have had many what we call ‘para’-normal experiences and as they came and made me think about the nature of myself and reality itself, for some days later, they also passed me by and fell into the oblivion of my own memory. I’ve forgotten all about them, there was no room in my thinking mind for such ‘out of normal’ experiences, let alone in the society we live in.

My awakening started gradually many years ago and the more and more I started to question this world that never made much sense to me since I was very young, the more I started to tap into a world that I never knew existed. At times what I’ve seen and experienced made me feel heavy and was almost in some sort of shock. It was hard to comprehend the world that is existing behind the veil of the 3D Matrix reality, in the world beyond our 5 senses. I could only feel it, not much to see, except for a deeper understanding of the background of the Matrix system.

At other times the world beyond this world was shown to me in completely different colours, more loving, harmonious and beautiful. So that I at the deep core of my Spirit started to believe and truly know that Divine realms do exist. Within and without. In every present moment. I call it Divine Grace. I call it the Truth of all Existence. I call it, all-pervasive Consciousness of energy of Love.

So I learnt that one can have Divine interventions in Life, while also hyper-dimensional interferences from dark forces that work as an opposing force to the Light. As above so below. As I was and still am doing the inner work for many years, embracing and transcending the dark within me, so I now understand I have to do the same with hyper-dimensional experiences, although they can be very challenging. I’m challenged to learn more about my own Divinity and Power of my Spirit and how important it is for me to keep myself in that space no matter what. That I don’t allow to be distracted or halted on my Path by my own monkey mind or external anything. That I need to love myself and parts of myself that were abandoned more and more, that I need to bring more Compassion to myself, that this is a call to deeper Loving/Knowing and Connecting deeply with Divine within, to be able to transcend the dark that is playing with me within and in the external world.

For many people, this kind of experiences aren’t part of their reality. And I’m thinking why. Why these things are shown only to some people, not all people. Through my research and understanding of my own path, I know we are on different levels of Consciousness. And as long as you play the game of Life within the Matrix system and don’t question it, you will be fine. This kind of encounters will be spared to you.

While one does start to have this kind of occurrences when exiting the Matrix. Meaning, when a person starts to go up on a spiritual ladder, a bit too high for the control system of the Matrix. Here I came to see I started to hit an invisible net that is trying to hold our Spirits back from ascending. A system that doesn’t want you to exit, meaning we are being controlled on a Spiritual level, something I never thought of and was shocked to encounter. This is the Truth of our reality as I can see nowadays there are many of us having similar experiences, talking about the same thing.

These entities seem like agents that get information (an alarm goes off) when a person goes up the spiritual ladder, close to exiting the world as we know it. What I read & realised myself that they come when a person has a great opening for a spiritual leap and they will come to stop you, hinder you on your Path, try to dim your Light. In the beginning, I had no idea what was happening to me as it all felt so different from what I ever experienced. My chakra system felt affected, my heart felt plagued & I couldn’t shake it off, I felt unusual sensations throughout my body that I knew weren’t my normal sensations, maybe they weren’t even mine. People close to me started to behave viciously towards me. Triggers getting enhanced like it wasn’t them talking. I’m learning now how to deal with all of this, how not to fear and how to understand that Spiritual Divine Being that is awoken to its own Light carries the biggest power in the Universe, that is Love.  And that with this force in your Spirit, you can deal with hyper-dimensional interferences too. One needs to learn about Self and one needs to Know who they really are on a Spirit level. As hard as it might be sometimes now starting my purposeful path, my Divine work, I know these challenges appear as initiates to a greater anchoring into a Divine Spirit.

In my experience, these interferences work either directly with you or mostly through other people. Most of my experience was being affected by other people, whether that be my partner (narcissistic/codependency dysfunctional dynamics), family member or it came from people within the business. Most probably I was also a portal for these things to work through me as everyone that is unhealed/traumatised can be used for such interferences. And I used to be quite fractured due to my past.

Majority of people in the Matrix are being traumatised one way or another, just due to living in the Matrix, due to being born into this realm itself and a programmed upbringing. Where we had to forget who we really are at our core. That in my Universe is a massive trauma. Spirit is calling for your attention all of your Life and you keep yourself busy with living a False Life. That made me properly think when I came to understand my old Life was a complete Lie. That hurt. A lot. Not just that. I came to realise that the world I believe as real is a Lie just as well.

If your consciousness/soul is fractured due to trauma/abuse, these interferences can work through you without you even knowing. Native Americans called this ‘mind virus’ wetiko. That’s why inner work is very important, not just to stop having this kind of experiences, but mainly to get ourselves back again, whole and integrated, strongly being in our centre, so that we may finally experience the bliss of being anchored in our Spirit rather than the external world. To experience the joy of being at ease with ourselves, feeling good within our skin and to experience feeling content and at peace that you find when walking your true path. Letting go of what no longer serves, letting go of the programming (inner and outer), finally walking a path to your true self – that is not a fixed identity as we used to exist within the Matrix (as persona/identity – another set of rules of how and what we are supposed to be/believe to be), but rather opening to a completely new way of existence, where you are not attached to nothing in the external world, the only guidance you have is your Inner compass. You start to walk your unique Path. Not everybody else’s. You leave the shore and start to exist in the unknown, from moment to moment, venturing into a flow of Life. Safety comes now from within and more as an observant you come to sail through Life, knowing that all is but a Maya-an illusion. We need to go beyond Fear. ‘Being in this world, but not of it’, was what my older Polish friend Jolanta used to say. (She developed herself through Sufism.) The only Real thing is within you and your purpose here is to live yourself from that space, to go and explore what are you about on a Spirit level. As Neo had to explore the abilities that lied dormant in him, to find his place, find his own power, find his unique way through Life. We are all being called to walk our unique Path.

‘There is a contagious psycho-spiritual disease of the soul, a parasite of the mind, that is currently being acted out en masse on the world stage via a collective psychosis of titanic proportions. This mind-virus – which Native Americans have called “wetiko” – covertly operates through the unconscious blind spots in the human psyche, rendering people oblivious to their own madness and compelling them to act against their own best interests. Drawing on insights from Jungian psychology, shamanism, alchemy, spiritual wisdom traditions, and personal experience, author Paul Levy shows us that hidden within the venom of wetiko is its own antidote, which once recognised can help us wake up and bring sanity back to our society.’ – from the book ‘Dispelling Wetiko.’

As Paul Levy is asking in his book, ‘Is wetiko taking us down or waking us up?’

I would say both, first, it will bring you down until you understand that this is another initiation for you into grander anchoring and understanding of the power of your Spirit and a remembrance of your Divine Origins. ‘The power of Love’, such a cliche thing to say, but when you really understand what does this mean, it has a completely new level of understanding. Deep knowing of your Divine roots needs to really sink in. I’m an initiate on this path, there are always things to learn. Even this morning I was expelling hyper-dimensional interferences from me and my home as they came to me recently due to me starting to walk my purposeful path. I can feel them during the night, I feel anxious for no reason, I feel alien energies around me. I feel my chakras being played with and having many unusual sensations throughout my body. And I recognise this feeling by now, it is not natural. And it is not mine. They don’t want the Light in this world, they don’t want the Truth to be told, they don’t want humanity to fully wake up to its Divine Roots.

When Spirit of a human is ascending, you will hit a grid and you’ll be challenged and these forces will try to block you from further ascension. As on the other side lies Freedom of your Spirit not to be recycled back into the Matrix system when your body dies. Meaning, no more automatic reincarnation into the 3D world, but rather having a choice of going into higher realms or coming back to assist humanity to break free from bondage. We have the right to have the freedom to choose rather than someone else choosing for us. So what I’m talking about here is utter Freedom of the Spirit. Something worth working towards while being here.

We are Divine and Sacred Beings. We have just started to walk towards our Freedom and it might be a long but surely fulfilling and meaningful walk. The important thing is to know that we are not alone, that we walk this path of Ascension/Remembrance together. And more and more we are going to look at each other with tears in our eyes, being mesmerised by our Beauty and Divinity, finally recognising who we really are. There will be Peace. There will be Freedom. It starts with You and Me.

Sacredness of Life lies within